Exactly within the range of your requirements

from -500 meters to 10000 meters

from -500 meters
to 10000 meters

Our equipment powers mining lines deep underground and services Airbuses flying high in the sky. One device even made it to the Moon. 
from -50° C to +5000° C

from -40° C
to +3000° C

Our devices allow you to work successfully in the harshest conditions, starting with the frost of the Far North, and ending with the melting shop of metallurgical plants.
from 0.1 Volts to 1400 Kilovolts

from 10 Volts
to 20 Kilovolts

TET Estel specialists have repeatedly developed complex electrical equipment with unique parameters. One of them is installed at the Large Hadron Collider.

TET ESTEL has its own design and technological group that allows to develop a unique electrical equipment upon special requirements.

We manage both High education scientific projects and unique technological processes at customer’s premises, that require an individual approach and innovative ideas.

In no time, our experts will contact you to clarify technical details and offer the most effective solution.

Taking on account TET Estel long history of electrical equipment production, we use the most effective technical solutions from our previous practice that significantly reduces production time and innovation risks.


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